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Michael N Brugger


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Landmark Associates Realty, Inc. is the creation of the Owner & Broker;  Michael N. Brugger, GRI.  Michael is celebrating his 50th year as a Residential and Commercial Real Estate Professional in Northeast Pennsylvania. Michael Brugger has owned a National Real Estate Franchise for several years.  And Michael's 14years of Classroom Instruction experience teaching real estate students, learn content and prepare for the State of Pennsylvania's Real Estate Exam to attain a Professional Real Estate Sales License.  During Michael's celebrated  professional history he has experienced all aspects of practice real estate.  Including successfully researching, searching, innovating and presenting the most effect strategies to Home Owner's Serious about moving & selling their home.  Mr Brugger's effective marketing & sales systems target buyers to match Landmark Associates Realty, Inc's Current  &  In-coming inventory as well as exposing our Home Seller's House to the Multi-List System (MLS), where all Realtor Professionals are provided; in-depth House & Property Information to share with all their clients.  The Internet has increased, the Home Searcher's ability to see many, many houses for sale.  Michael Brugger and has invested into Real Estate Internet sites to both market his company's listing to active interested home searchers.  

Michael is personally involved in all the real estate transaction by the other agents in his office.  He shares his professional experience in the transactions which is greatly appreciated and welcome by associates and colleagues. 

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